Barmens show


PraĊĦome palaukti...
    Barmen show team “Flair magic show” performs their service from 2006 years. Our customers are all over the Baltic companies, leisure firms and individuals who just want to have fun, is interested in well organized cocktail parties, want enjoy luxurious drinks and good show. We work in two styles: Flair (juggling bottles, cocktail preparation with show elements) and the classics.

       Our show team members are certified professional bartenders with high work experience, taking part in many Lithuanian and world events, participated and won prizes in many competitions. Performance  program is constantly changing, new tricks are being added. We bring all our professional equipment for the event, mobile bar and all necessary staff.


We can offer you show programs and performances for any of your Parties and Festivals:
  •              show appearances with fire, cocktail rows, champagne pyramids, special effects
  •              cocktail parties for children and adults
  •              work at weddings, graduation and business parties
  •              organize events on different topics, make short trainings and seminars
  •              hire a professional bar equipment